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A Book is Born

(Suitable for Kindergarten and up)

With slides I show how an idea is transformed from an idea into a book with:

  • a behind the scenes explanation of the writing process with special emphasis on how and why to revise.
  • the collaborative steps taken by the author, editor, and illustrator to get any book "just right."

I also read from the selected book while projecting the illustrations.

This program encourages students to:

  • learn how to brainstorm for writing ideas
  • appreciate that the writing process is the same for them as for published writers

Question and answer period follows.  Each presentation is 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the age level of the audience.


Fact vs. Fiction

(Suitable for grade 2 and up)

With slides I demonstrate the differences and similarities in writing fact and fiction with:

  • an emphasis placed on how  to research
  • suggestions on how to evaluate research materials
  • suggestions for ways to make the student's writing 'come alive.'

Ready, Set, Write!  

(Suitable for Grades 3 and up)

As a former elementary school teacher, I use that experience, along with my years as a writer to design one-day or multi-day writing workshops.

With grade level appropriate writing exercises, which can be completed by any student no matter what the skill level, students are shown how to:

  • strengthen critical thinking skills
  • develop one's own writing voice
  • create logical plot lines
  • include "telling" story details
  • expand sensory awareness
  • shape their characters more fully

Each workshop is 45 minutes in length.


Skype Visits

(Suitable for all ages and locations)

With the latest technology I'm able to meet with any group of students. Email me here for more information.